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Yoga and Mindfulness in Leigh on Sea
I started attending Yvonne’s classes seven years ago with the intention of regaining strength and flexibility following a leg injury. I had a little past experience of yoga from practising at home but had never attended a class before. Yvonne immediately puts you at ease with her natural warmth and friendliness and her classes are rare in that they really do cater for all levels of experience and ability. Each individual class has a different focus, allowing an exploration of the range of physical postures, breathing and relaxation techniques that yoga offers while encouraging you to progress at your own comfortable pace.I quickly recovered from my injury but have continued to regularly attend the classes because I found they gave me so much more than the rehabilitation I was initially looking for. I would earnestly recommend Yvonne’s classes to anyone looking to either begin or further extend their yoga practice. I am now taking my own yoga foundation course.
I think I am beginning to understand what it means to live yoga.This is wonderful and thought provoking. Many thanks.
I have always found Yvonne’s class to be very relaxed & have a friendly atmosphere. This helped greatly when starting yoga as it allowed me to feel comfortable and welcome. Yvonne is excellent at adapting the postures, providing alternatives to best suit the various class members’ experience, allowing me progress my yoga at my own pace whilst also present opportunities to try more advanced postures. Although Yvonne’s class are mainly focused on postures and relaxation, she does present other aspects of yoga such as breathing and meditation techniques, cleansing techniques, the history of yoga and its more spiritual side which I find fascinating. Though nothing is forced upon you with Yvonne leaving it entirely up to you to choose what you take from such things. The classes are pay as you go so they are a great way to try out yoga and Yvonne’s teaching without having to commit a lengthy course.
I have been going to Yvonne’s yoga class for about 10 years. I like the fact that the classes are always different and Yvonne’s emphasis on ‘satya’ – honesty and not trying to force your body to do something it does not want to do. I have found the classes especially useful for developing a strong back. I go every week, and twice a week when I can, and when I can’t, I miss it!
Yvonne's classes are more than just a fitness class - she introduces you to the background and the true meaning of yoga and the classes are friendly and relaxed. Yvonne's classes have an even gender split and people are encouraged to work to the best of their ability without feeling inadequate. All of this results in comfortable, non exclusive classes - a testament to Yvonne's non competitive, unpretentious approach.
I have been attending Yvonne's yoga class on and off for the last seven years. In that time I have always found classes to be consistently excellent. Yvonne cleverly incorporates all aspects of the practice of yoga.eg. The postures... The breathing... The meditation as well.If you are interested in starting the practice of yoga I would recommend this class very highly.Yvonne also offers one to one classes which I attend. I have noticed through one to ones my understanding of the postures has moved on, and my own practice of yoga has been really encouraged, I feel it's all falling into place.Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned practiced yogi - Yvonne's class is suitable to all.
A small, friendly class of mixed aged groups in a lovely room with a calm atmosphere. Yvonne's awareness means the classes are structured to the students' ability so there are clear and detailed instructions with helpful demonstrations. Purely non-competitive, most enjoyable and very beneficial.
I highly recommend this class, my back has been pain free for 6 months since going to yoga once a week after having 20 years of problems.I haven't managed to go for 3 weeks and yep, back ache has returned! That'll teach me.
Lovely relaxed classes, I am learning all the time. Everyone is at a different level, carrying out a true practice, with each finding their way by breathing. I don't feel shy about being a complete beginner. In in such a short time I feel that my body can begin to open. Yvonne gives gentle encouragement reminding students to breathe (which I often forget to) and I feel very comfortable in class. All I can say to anyone who is shy, give this class a go. Any shape, size,age can do this can enjoy it as I now do. Many thanks for this opportunity.
Really Loved Class this morning. The Yoga and the Mindfulness had a lovely flow to it. Beautiful. Every week something different to challenge myself and develop my love of Yoga.
Yvonne's classes are friendly informative and sometimes quite challenging. She has helped me to progress my yoga comfortably at my own pace but also given me a clear understanding of how I may develop my practice and where to go next.