Leigh Yoga and Mindfulness

One to One Live or Zoom Sessions

For men & women of every ability, including complete beginners

Yoga with Yvonne

Yvonne runs one-to-one private yoga lessons in Leigh on Sea, tailored to the individual, from her beautiful home studio. Whether you are new or have experience and wish to deepen your practice, these one to one sessions will help develop full ease and comfort, whatever you feel your strengths or limitations may be.
Yvonne learnt at a young age that the physical postures of yoga are just a small part of what it has to offer – that’s why she also covers breath work, meditation and philosophy.

Each session is different as we feel different from week to week, so Yvonne provides either simpler or more advanced versions of the practices depending on how you feel from moment to moment.

Practicing postures and breathing exercises in this way not only greatly strengthens and tones the body, but regulates the breath, bringing stillness to the mind. The practice of yogic breathing also directly affects the nervous system, eliciting an honest and heartfelt, relaxation response. Everyone can practice this form of yoga, as it is entirely suitable for beginners and those of real experience.

Contact Yvonne directly at yvie.booth(at)gmail.com

Mindfulness with Mike

Mike runs one-to-one private yoga lessons in Leigh on Sea, tailored to the individual, from his lovely home studio.
Mike believes that by watching our present experience without losing ourselves in it, we can gain a real sense of perspective about a given situation, about ourselves and about our entrenched habits and patterns. This ability to notice without reacting, is a vital key in gaining an insight and a freedom from these often unconscious behaviours and feelings. The end result is more ease, more joy, a greater sense of control and a reduction in our feelings of frustration or of 'being stuck.'

Whether you'd like to just gain some experience and practice of mindfulness in Leigh on Sea firsthand, or whether you'd like to undertake the 4 week Introduction to Mindfulness or the 8 week MBSR course on dates that suit you, coaching offers a good choice.

Mindfulness coaching is also extremely helpful with short term problems too. The same process helps us with procrastination, with anger and with anxiety to name a few.

Contact Mike directly at leighmindfulness(at)gmail.com

1-1 classes

We offer one-to-one sessions from our lovely home studio in central Leigh On Sea.
£50 - 60 mins of yoga or mindfulness

+£5 - For 2 people
Contact Yvonne directly for more details:

Online 1-1 meditation

Through Zoom or skype, you can learn mindfulness meditation in the comfort of your own home.
£50 - 60 mins

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